5 Amazing ChatGPT Media Training Tips To Get Great Publicity

SUMMARY: Dive into the world of media training with ChatGPT as your guide! Explore how this tool can help you craft compelling messages, stay informed on industry trends, analyze past interactions, and tailor your outreach to different audiences. From refining your brand’s narrative to preparing for crisis scenarios, ChatGPT offers invaluable support in enhancing your PR strategy. Discover the power of this AI companion in amplifying your brand’s voice and navigating the dynamic landscape of media engagement with confidence and ease.

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5 Amazing ChatGPT Media Training Tips To Get Great Publicity

I asked ChatGPT to write this piece in my tone. It turned out a very generic version that didn’t really capture my personality. So there was quite a lot of editing to get this piece ready for publication to truly reflect my voice, business and brand…

If you’re looking for a way to practice your media interview skills, I highly recommend trying out ChatGPT as a practice partner for role-play or “mock interviews”. While it isn’t the same as talking to a human, or experiencing the quick repartee you would get with a skilled media trainer, it can provide you with instant feedback on your responses to potential interview questions. No judgment, but also no analytical subtleties.  

Think of it as a mechanical dance partner that can take you through the moves to get down some basic steps.


By inputting questions specific to your industry, topic, and brand you can practice responding in a clear, concise, and compelling manner, which can help your communication skills, build confidence, and refine your message.

Here’s how:

1. Develop and Refine Messaging:

ChatGPT is valuable to develop key messages for media interviews, panels, podcasts or virtual and on-stage public speaking engagements.

Even before beginning their publicity campaign one of my clients had quite a bit of interest from potential sponsors—but couldn’t close any of those deals. When I began media training them they really didn’t have a clear messaging strategy for the media and couldn’t state obvious benefits to the sponsor.

Once we had the first draft of their signature story, also called story of origin or heroes journey [that answers the first questions any journalist or producer will ask you—why you do what you do] I put it through ChatGPT and asked to make it more charismatic.

I have to say the version it created put in some excellent, specific visual details that made their story pop and captured their big vision, mission and goals.

82% of our judgments of people to assess if they are likable and charismatic is based on a combination of 2 traits: warmth and competence. While ChatGPT can’t evaluate your presence for those two qualities for your facial and body language like a media trainer can, it can give you a good start to creating a connection through the words you choose.

Another advantage: If you’re not sure how you’re uniquely positioned in the marketplace, which the media values, have ChatGPT analyze your competitor’s communication strategy to immediately differentiate yourself. Just copy and paste some of their messaging into the ChatGPT and ask for help in discovering new angles, issues and ideas to see what applies to your company and give you an edge.

ChatGPT solves another issue I see often in the academics, doctors and startups I media train who find themselves tongue-tied to describe in layman’s terms their new innovation, research or procedure which doesn’t have a precedent then enter in that rough draft and ask for advice on how to give your ideas more clarity. It’s also useful for tech and startup founders who are often mired in jargon or overly data-focused to be more “human” oriented.

For people who are overly chatty, ramble, or have too much information it’s particularly useful to organize and prioritize key points. And can be a godsend for others who are more taciturn and need help expanding and expounding on their points.

Running your narrative through ChatGPT can help you craft specific stories and statistics that resonate with your audience, translate the information into your unique style, and ensure that you stay on message during interviews.

After each question, you can ask ChatGPT for suggestions on how to improve your response. The repetitive iteration can quickly assist you in identifying areas where you need to clarify your message and provide more (or less) detailed context or vivid imagery. No matter what your challenge you can ask ChatGPT to provide insights on how to communicate your message effectively. Then use the responses and input to refine your messaging.

2. Monitor Media Coverage and Current Events:

The paid version of ChatGPT can help you stay up-to-date on current events, trending topics, news articles, and social media posts related to a particular topic. (The unpaid version just pulls information up to 2021). You can program it to select holidays and special calendar days that relate to your industry, field. business or whatever you’re promoting. This gives you the ability to plan your publicity campaign in advance so you don’t miss key opportunities to publicize your business, brand and offer.

It’s also a way to be consistently relevant in an organic way to stay in front of your right-fit audience all year round. You can easily stay informed and up-to-the-minute on the latest media trends and be prepared to respond ASAP to media requests from reporters and producers.

3. Learn from past media interactions:

ChatGPT can help you learn from past media interviews and appearances by analyzing transcripts of interviews. When you input a transcript and see how ChatGPT can help you identify areas where you may need to improve your messaging or responses in the future.


To get maximum benefit from ChatGPT you can use a product such as https://grain.com, an AI-powered meeting recording that highlights the most important or insightful parts of your media interviews and then feed that edited transcript into ChatGPT for further insights.

4. Analyze Audiences:

ChatGPT can analyze audience sentiment and provide insights on how to tailor messaging to different audiences and vertical markets.

When I create a messaging strategy for CEOs, founders, entrepreneurs authors and speakers we look at the markets they most want to reach and develop the stories, statistics, facts, analogies, and insights that most deeply connect to those audiences so they grow your business and brand in the direction they want. We can tell the same story with a different slant or ending depending on the audience. ChatGPT can help angle those stories to appeal to your various audiences.

5. Create Contact Lists:

PR firms already have segmented lists for trade, consumer, industry, freelancers etc. that they tailor to their clients’ needs. They’ve also built relationships with reporters and producers with whom they are regularly in contact. ChatGPT can expand that existing list or quickly find a reporter. Since the description also includes a bit of commentary about the journalist it can be a godsend for startups or entrepreneurs who may have an internal marketing department, a fractional CMO or a skilled assistant.

For a new client who is in the HR and recruiting business for tech companies I did a quick test by simply asking for: journalists who cover HR and recruiting topics. Up popped “Suzanne Lucas – writes about HR issues for Inc. Magazine and was named one of the top 100 HR influencers by Engagedly” along with 6 other highly respected journalists. Before we pitch Lucas I recommend that my client get familiar with her “beat” so she can see her writing style and the topics she has covered so we don’t duplicate what she’s already written about when we pitch her our idea/angle.

BONUS: Practice Crisis Communications Scenarios:

When I work with clients sometimes the first thing they want to do is to handle worst-case scenarios. These can be handling difficult personality types that trigger past experiences or trauma, questions that are too personal, intimate, aggressive or inappropriate, or surprise “pop quiz” type designed to get a reaction and a fresh take.

While we can prepare for those concerns we can’t always predict issues with products or services, social media snafus, political debate dust-ups, or other potential disruptive or reputation-ruining situations. But we can program ChatGPT to simulate a crisis situation and have them practice responding in a calm and effective manner.

For example, a potential client mentioned that her original invention was stolen and patented by another company. Although she had an established brand and track record for her product, she didn’t apply for a patent. The company not only copied her invention they used her name when they marketed it—creating brand confusion and, of course massive loss of sales.

media training

While the response was predictable: Legal challenges, brand confusion, financial loss, and negative impact on future innovation the one insight I didn’t expect was: that the client may experience a crisis of confidence in herself and her ability to protect her intellectual property and business interests, which can affect her future prospects and opportunities.

When you’re prepared for unexpected situations and have developed a pro-active plan for responding to crises, it provides a greater space for peace of mind. By simulating different crisis scenarios and practicing your responses, you can prepare yourself for the unpredictable nature of crisis communications—including your internal response to handling a difficult situation.


I’m loving ChatGPT to give me some fresh ideas and expand my mind. I see it as a helpful hand to the personal one-one media training I do that can speed the progress of my clients. Love to hear how you’re using it for PR, media training or other endeavors.

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