The Oprah Effect is Not Dead


The Oprah Effect remains powerful through O, The Oprah Magazine, with potential to boost businesses significantly due to its high readership and influence. Pitching to the hard copy and digital magazine offers a valuable opportunity for exposure and growth, with specific criteria for consideration outlined. Getting featured can lead to long-lasting benefits, as readers often continue to engage with featured products and services over time. Despite the end of her show, Oprah’s influence persists, making a feature in the hard copy and digital magazine/Quarterly/Daily highly coveted and impactful for businesses, books, products, services, and causes.

The Oprah Effect is Not Dead

The Oprah Effect is Not Dead. In fact, it’s very much alive…

Do you want to know how to boost your business 60% or more in the blink of an eye?

Get into O, The Oprah Magazine. Oprah’s high visibility, super popular magazine that is read avidly by over 2.6 million. But get this, the pass on rate is estimated to be 6 people per issue. That means that when you get featured, mentioned, or quoted over 18 million people read about you —and buy.

18 million!

It doesn’t take a marketing degree to know that getting into O is an amazing opportunity for any business.

The Oprah Effect is alive and well and hundreds of people are getting into O, The Oprah Magazine every month.

Why not you?

In the past most people focused on getting on the Oprah Show (and now on Super Soul Sunday) and neglect the ENORMOUS possibilities of getting into O, The Oprah Magazine.

Now is the time to expand your thinking. There is no better moment to do one thing to grow your business (even if you’ve just started and are virtually unknown).

How to pitch O, the Oprah Magazine

How to pitch O, the Oprah Magazine

Oprah’s show is over. Super Soul Sunday is for people who have best-selling books already or have made a big impact on their community or in the world. It’s not for newbies, self-published books, coaches, or anyone without a huge following.

But… the good news is that there are dozens of possibilities to pitch O Magazine and get featured as the criteria doesn’t depend on how long you’ve been in business or how famous you are. The Oprah Effect is for anyone with a business, book, product, service or cause of keen interest to women.

If you have any of the following YOU are a prime candidate to get into Oprah’s magazine and double or triple your business OVERNIGHT and become a part of The Oprah Effect.

  1. A beautifully packaged product that appeals to women.
  2. A story about how you inspired some great shift your community.
  3. A heartfelt tale about a dog or your relationship with a dog.
  4. A service that has helped thousands of people that they can use in an economic downturn.
  5. A unique perspective on relationships.
  6. How you’ve weathered tough times that could assist others do the same.
  7. A way you’re helping children learn, love, live in a unique way.
  8. Advice from your professional perspective about saving money, doing good, living to the fullest that you can express that we haven’t heard before.
  9. Ideas about ways to appreciate what you already have and are grateful for.
  10. Breakthroughs in health, anti-aging, dealing with health care and optimal healthful living.
  11. New research on a topic that pertains to women that’s important for them to know now.
  12. A book that women want to read that’s well-written, dramatic, funny, moving, or a how-to-must-know.
get your product into o magazine

How to pitch O Magazine


Getting into O Magazine is worth more than it’s weight in gold. Not only do 18 million people read the magazine, everyone I interviewed for the book told me that readers continued to purchase their products and services for over 6 months! People do not throw this magazine away! They use it as a reference, a buying guide for years. Which means that they can discover you years later and buy, buy, buy.

Oprah’s influence is not going to stop because her show is off the air. Her fans trust her taste and buy what she recommends in the magazine. What matters to Oprah matters to them. They hang on her every word. When you get Oprah’s seal of approval it’s like being handed an Oscar for your business, book, product, service or cause. In fact, getting into the magazine may be even MORE competitive since the show is gone.

Want to explore where you or your business, book, product, service, story or cause fits in to what Oprah’s editors are looking for? Here is your free guide!

You you can be featured in O, The Oprah Magazine

You can be featured in O, The Oprah Magazine


Hesitant or nervous to move forward on your own? Feel held back by not knowing where to start? I know that pitching O Magazines editors can be intimidating and scary. Especially if you’ve never done it before. Putting yourself out there takes nerve—and persistence.

And….you have so much to offer Oprah’s fans and followers and it would be sad for all of us not to know about you and your wonderful offering, I encourage you to move forward and invest in yourself by purchasing this step-by-step system that we’ve created to make it easy for you.

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