10 Reasons Why Jack Reacher is My Perfect Client

SUMMARY: “From his disdain for material possessions to his unwavering commitment to justice, Jack Reacher embodies qualities we admire. His intelligence, determination, and advocacy for fairness make him an ideal ally. Whether facing insurmountable challenges or championing smart women, Reacher’s modesty and resourcefulness leave a lasting impression. If you resonate with Reacher’s ethos, join the conversation and introduce yourself.”

10 Reasons Why Jack Reacher is My Perfect Client

I’ve read every Jack Reacher book and engulfed the TV series the moment it came out. 
Based partly on the premise of the disowned, disenfranchised Ronan of the Samurai, Jack Reacher travels the land without tribe or home turning wrongs into right without reward. 

A Reacher book sells every nine seconds around the world. So I’m not the only one who loves him.

Here are 10 Things I love about Jack Reacher and why he is my perfect client.

1.     He doesn’t care about money, fame, possessions, property or things.

2.     He’s smart, scrappy, and innovative.

3.     He speaks his mind to the man, the law, the rich, the righteous, the powerful, politicians, the elite.

4.     He cares about people being treated fairly and right.

5.     He meets any challenge no matter how unsurmountable.

6.     He knows when to move on.

7.     He practices detachment.

8.     He gets the job done no matter what.

9.     He won’t stop until he has a righted the wrongs against all odds for people, the planet and the community. 

10. He champions smart women.

11. BONUS: He’s modest and doesn’t show off his substantial skills. 

Well once. See it at [1:46]

If you are a Jack Reacher type [women included] please introduce yourself to me.

I want to know you.

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