5 Strategies to Prepare to Get Big-Time National Publicity

By Susan Harrow, Media Coach & Author of Sell Yourself Without Selling Your Soul

You can get big-time national publicity by personally meeting top journalists and producers face-to-face at the National Publicity Summit held by Steve Harrison.

At the National Publicity Summit participants will discover how to get featured in America’s Biggest Magazines and interviewed on the top TV shows.

After a quick review of the summit MayDayReport.com states that it believes this event is a tool that can help people get more publicity and recognition. By being at the National Publicity Summit people will get to meet some of the most influential people at top media outlets. These relationships are what will give the participants the exposure they need and desire to get booked and appear on national TV and in major magazines, newspapers, radio.


5 tips to get national publicity

At the event people will get to meet over 100 producers and journalists from America’s top media outlets. Anyone looking to get exposure should not pass up this opportunity. Unfortunately, as most people who have tried to get publicity know it’s usually very difficult to get top journalists and producers to even take a phone call or open an email.

However, at Steve Harrison’s closed-door National Publicity Summit people will have the opportunity to learn the secrets of getting coverage as well as meeting with top editors and producers one-on-one.

Consider this your media speed dating. And prepare accordingly. You have two and a half minutes to “get a date.”


How to get on national TV

Steve Harrison has only made a limited number of spots available so that everyone gets enough one-on-one time with the media. Currently he is offering 100 spots, but they will be going fast.

Even though you will be one of 100 participants you still have to stand out and gain the media’s interest. Here are 5 ways that you can do that.

1. Prepare your pitch.
Keep it simple and be able to explain your business, book, product, service or cause in 20-30 seconds. Position yourself in the marketplace so the journalist or producer understands what sets you apart from your competition. Have statistics to prove your point. Facts speak loudly in a sea of hype.

2. Look the part.
Dress as you would if you were actually appearing on TV. This means not only being well-groomed with clothes that fit you like a fashion model, but be sure to choose an outfit that represents your brand. You want to give the look and feel of whatever you’re representing and promoting. So if your product is humorous you might have a piece of jewelry or clothing item that makes someone laugh.

3. Make it visual.
Cameras love costumes. Cameras also love tactile. The great thing about props is that they are a short cut to sound bites. Visuals can often explain a complicated concept or idea more quickly than words. So plan your shortcuts and bring eye-popping props that help tell your story. Stuff that the media need to interact with is a plus.

4. Create a beautiful, moving, stunning or shocking experience.
Experiences are what people remember. That’s why perfume ads show a glamorous man or woman lounging in a tropical island all smooth and beautiful and looking languorously happy. Perfume promises us a luxurious experience with the man or woman of our dreams. It’s not about smelling good to cover up the stink after you’ve been cooking onions, is it? No. You’re selling an experience. So create a scenario where you can take the journalist or producer through an experience where they get the FEEL of whatever you’re promoting.

5. Open the door.
Even if a journalist or producer isn’t interested in the idea you pitched, ask permission to connect with them again when you have another idea. Sometimes your pitch just needs a twist, a different angle, or a timely event to make it right. Getting explicit permission helps insure your follow up call or email will get considered. And to be memorable when you reconnect, mention your visual or the experience you created to jog the media’s memory.

Here are 10 more tips from a three-time attendee:

“The National Publicity Summit was easily one of the most worthwhile events I have attended – the speakers were inspiring, the topics were relevant, and Steve Harris runs a world class organization. Not only did they provide insider information and actual training, but we had meetings with the decision makers on the spot. I have had several interviews for Project Happiness as a result and many more in the pipeline. A rare and valuable opportunity for anyone interested in jumpstarting their PR campaign,” says Randy Taran, founder of www.projecthappiness.com.

To get immediate access to a ticket for the National Publicity Summit and make your experience a profitable one follow these five strategies and make your mark with the media.


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Hi, I'm Susan

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