Public Speaking – Interview by Zayn Patel – Level Up Podcast

Public Speaking – Level Up Podcast with Susan Harrow

n this episode, our host, Zayn Patel and Susan Harrow, of Harrow Communications discuss how to improve your public speaking skills.

Preparing business-minded individuals to emerge as leaders and entrepreneurs through education, training, advice, and experience. The Level Up Podcast is created by a group of like-minded Washington DECA students.


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Hi, I'm Susan

Hi, I'm Susan

I’m a media coach, martial artist + marketing strategist who helps you communicate your values, mission + message during media interviews to multiply your revenue while building your brand + business. I believe that you don’t need to brag, beg or whore yourself to get the publicity you want. Nor do you need to be an axe murderer, a shamed sports star, or be involved in a sex scandal. There is another way…

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