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A little while back, I did a PR Secrets survey.

I asked you to tell me what you’re struggling with, what you crave, and how I might be able to help.

There was a theme that percolated through nearly every response.

That theme… summed up in three words?

“I am overwhelmed.”

No surprise, there. Most of the business owners, entrepreneurs, bloggers, authors, speakers, coaches and consultants that I know place an incredible amount of pressure on themselves to create… serve… help… heal… and of course, grow their revenue. I do it, too.

And when you are running your own business, there is no “5 pm.” There is no timecard to punch out for the night. There is just you, your computer, and a seemingly endless list of things that you could do, should do, ought to do…

Overwhelming? Heck yes.

The perfect solution? I wish I knew.

What I do know is that when I’m feeling completely overwhelmed — when my projects feel too big, when my to-do list feels too long, when my bones feel too weary, when my head feels too foggy to carry on — there is one thing that keeps me sane and keeps me on track.



Connecting with people.

Real, living, human people.

My daily check in with my web designer insures that I’m on track for the next E-zine, new product design, website update, or software implementation.

My daily email back and forth with my social media manager holds down the blog and social media front and makes sure we’re always rolling forward with new (hopefully) delightful content.

My monthly call with my virtual assistant keeps me focused on the business priorities that matter—and protects me from getting involved with products and people who take me off course. Very challenging as there are so many delicious (and some treacherous) temptations!)

My weekly 2-hour writing stint with my Wild Writing group ensures that I’m adding new material to my novel, even on weeks when it feels impossible.

My monthly day with my writing coach means that I’m guaranteed to publish at least a few new blog posts and newsletters (like this one) to stay connected with my clients and customers, even when life feels incredibly busy.

My weekly phone calls with my two best friends who live far away keep me centered through struggles and make me feel alive and loved.

And of course, my evening snuggle and kitchen chats where I keep a notebook for impromptu witticisms with my sweetie, Will, (plus kittie love!) helps me stay grounded and laugh at myself.

It’s those daily, weekly and monthly connections that help me to break through feelings of overwhelm, more than anything else.

If you, like so many of the people I’ve spoken to, recently, are grappling with a heavy cloud of overwhelm and resistance… and if you feel like those emotions are holding you back from making progress with your business, your projects, or your publicity efforts…



I urge you to connect

With people.

Specifically, people who get you, care about you, make you feel alive, and want to see you succeed.

You can get your daily dose of connection with people in your circle of friends. You can do it with buddies in your yoga or martial arts class. Or, if it feels right, you can do it with me and a wonderful circle of peers.

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Starting in January 2015, I am opening the doors to a new membership club and online community. A place to get media training, business inspiration and encouragement from people who want to see you take action — and who will lovingly nudge you when you don’t.

This membership club is just $25 a month and features a monthly opportunity to get your personal questions answered, live, by me, on the phone (First Q&A January 13). That, alone, is reason enough to join. 🙂

Learn more about The Sell Yourself Without Selling Your Soul Membership Club right here. Registration for 2015 is open now.

Wherever and however you do it, get some humanity and community in your life, today.

Nothing is ever truly accomplished “alone.”

We all need to connect.

It’s what allows us to show up as our best. 

A THOUGHT: I’ve been thinking a lot about daily routines and productivity so keep your eye out for an upcoming blog post on how I structure my days to keep on track and enlivened.

I love E.M. Forster’s sage advice: “Only connect.” It’s only everything.How do you stay connected? Love to hear.