How to Get the Media To Call You: With Heart Thumping Headlines + Hooks

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SUMMARY: Master the art of attracting media attention. Use AI tools like Copy Creator for content ideas. Optimize headlines with tools like Coschedule. Create strong subject line hooks for your pitches with headline tools. Enliven pitches with free Creative Commons images. Create irresistible news hooks to attract media.

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Get the Media to Call You

Journalists and producers have inboxes stuffed with irrelevant and insulting email pitches from people who haven’t bothered to research the publication or show. Which most likely accounts for the reason journalists respond to just 3% of the pitches they receive.

But you are different.

Smart, thoughtful, and bright. You have done your homework and have the chops to send in an email with a headline that they can’t take their eyeballs off of. Followed by a paragraph that is so gripping they might think that they were on a thrilling roller coaster ride that is so heart thumping they believe they are in love with you.

I’ve collected a number of resources so you could create and test your headlines and hooks in a moment to check their viability for both the media AND SEO (Search Engine Optimization) so that both your audience and the Artificial intelligence (AI) that are now running our lives online are satisfied. In other words you touch the human heart and activate the automation and algorithms that bring people to your posts.

Free headline and content tools

Here are the FREE tools that will shave hours off your schedule, have eager visitors dashing to your door or website and have the media clicking on their keyboards to tap into your genius.

1. Create Clickable Headlines and Content.

Need inspo for headlines, content, podcast episodes, social media ideas, community engagement questions, lessons?

Just pop in the answers to the automated questions in Copy Creator and voila! out come the ideas courtesy of AI (artificial intelligence). Need more? Just tap the button again and it will generate the next batch. Brill.

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2. Prevent Dullsville Headlines.

Think you’ve got a winner of a headline or subject line? Plug it in to these headline creators and raters and check out your rating. You can then fuss with emotionally moving words, word order, word choice and more.

Here are 3 of them.

3. Avoid Having Producers and Journalists Delete Your Email Pitch.

Stumped on how to begin your headline? (So important to get the media to open your email. If they don’t open it they’ll never know about your offer). This tool will get you unstuck.

best headline tool

4. Use Creative Commons Photos, Images, Graphics, Pictures to Inspire awe and Media Interest.

We are increasingly an image-driven world. It’s a fact that companies get 6x more engagement with press releases with multiple images. Go here to get 100+ FREE places to find Awe Inspiring Images for your press release, blog + social media posts.

5. Provide News Hooks That Work To Get the Media to Contact You.

PR and marketing consultant Brigitte Lyons suggests 7 genius ways to create a news hook that a reporter can’t resist.

Two of them…

Localize a national story. Read up on your local newsletter or turn on the TV to see what’s happening in your local affiliate station to see how hometown businesses scooped up media attention. The media love local heroes and are constantly seeking them out. Apply the reverse by nationalizing a local story. Read the rest here.

When you make consistent use of these tools it will actually train you to become a better writer (and media guest) who can hone in on what resonates with your audience and get the media to call you so you connect with the people with whom you truly want to develop personal and professional relationships.

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