Self-Defense: How to Keep Yourself Safe—Verbally, Physically, Emotionally

Self-Defense: How to Keep Yourself Safe—Verbally, Physically, Emotionally – Interview by Rhoberta Shaler – Emotional Savvy: The Relationship Help Show Podcast

Verbal self-defense: Do people respect you? Or, do they take you for granted? Maybe, there are only one or two people who get your knickers in a twist in that way, and this needs straightening out right away.

Don’t feel like a victim. There’s no need. You can do something about it.

You might have “Boundary-itis!” Dr. Shaler talks about how you can empower yourself by clarifying, expressing, and maintaining your boundaries…and WHY that’s essential to your well-being!

Sure, you know that setting boundaries is a good thing, but this information is SO compelling that you’ll want to listen so you can put it in place right away!

In this empowering episode with Susan, we covered some new areas of keeping yourself safe. I asked Susan why she thinks we need to be empowered. Interesting answer.

Here are some interview highlights about self-defense:

  • Why you need to set boundaries that send a clear message and head off sexual harassment, sexual assault, tough challenges, unwanted flirtation or invasion of your space
  • How you can set up situations properly to prevent arguing about your boundaries, rules, or standards
  • Responding appropriately—and effectively—to intimidation
  • How Susan found Aikido a key to empowering herself and the girls she teaches
  • Using language as self-defense to prevent an attack

And, for self-defense, she helps you understand how to create physical distance in threatening situations, too.

Dr. Roberta Shaler particularly helps the partners, exes, and adult children of the relentlessly difficult, toxic people she calls Hijackals® to save their sanity and stop the crazy-making. Author of sixteen books, including her Hijackal ebook series, Escaping the Hijackal Trap, and, Stop! That’s Crazy-Makingshe is the host of the popular podcast,  Save Your Sanity: Help for Toxic Relationships.  She is the former host of the Emotional Savvy channel on Binge TV Networks. Dr. Shaler’s work has been featured on PsychCentral, Cosmopolitan, Good Housekeeping, Your Tango, The Good Men Project, and eHarmony, among many others. 

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