How To Make The Media + Your Audience Love You

SUMMARY: Learn the art of captivating the media and your audience effortlessly: Master the “love look” – a genuine connection that radiates warmth and sincerity. Avoid being pushy; let your ideas flow naturally without over-intensity. Stay fresh by steering clear of clichéd phrases like “Again,” “I told you so,” or “This is what I always say.” Embrace authenticity and confidence to draw people into engaging with you in a meaningful way. Experience the magic of delivering your message as if it’s the first time, every time, and watch your impact soar

How To Make The Media + Your Audience Love You

1. Bathe Them in Your Love Look.

I was media training a friend of mine who’s already very experienced in media appearances. We were just doing little tweaks and I noticed that when she first started the video she just gave this look like: I love you! I’m connected to you — and then it shifted. So I said to her: “You know that love look that you give?” “Continue that through your whole video.”

How do you get that love look? This is an internal practice. So you can imagine that you’re either connecting heart-to-heart with someone. You can think about your dog or anyone that is special to you.

I was media training a CEO of a media conglomerate at one point and he was talking about his favorite daughter. I said, “Continue to think about your daughter when we’re running through these mock interviews.” He did that and his marketing manager, who was in the room, said: “Oh my God, you are so handsome!” Because he had given that love look the entire time.

2. Don’t Push.

What else can you do during your media appearances? The other thing that I mentioned to her is don’t push. So, you know, sometimes we just want to try so hard and we want to get our ideas out there. And so we’re over intense and it manifests itself by making big eyes or with a louder voice or leaning forward like I’m doing.

So we can just relax into ourselves and have the thought and the confidence that people are coming to us. That we are drawing people into our realm and into engaging with us in a wonderful way. So that would be number two.

3. Stay Away From These 3 Phrases.

And then number three is when you’ve made a point, this is a little more technical. But when you’ve made a point never say, “Again,” or, “I told you so,” or, “This is what I always say.” Because we want you to be fresh. We want to think that we are hearing this for the first time even if you have said it a hundred times to the audience. We don’t want to be told something that you’ve told someone else before.

It’s like a secret between two people. Tell me for the first time. There’s a certain energy behind when we do or say things for the very first time that sadly can’t be exactly recaptured. But that’s something that I want my clients to recapture. That same enthusiasm, that same innocence. When you said something for the first time you bring it again, to when you’re saying it to the hundredth time.

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