The Life Changing Magic of Publicity 

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SUMMARY: Marie Kondo’s journey from tidying guru in Japan to global sensation teaches us the transformative power of publicity. Despite language barriers, one mention in The New York Times propelled her to #1 best-seller status. Her method transcended books, appearing in TV shows, inspiring memes, and even influencing secondhand retailers. Beyond decluttering, Kondo sells a vision of a joyful, well-lived life. Discover the magic of publicity in a webinar replay of the live Q&A session. Watch it now to unlock the secrets of major media coverage.

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Creating A Sensation

Do you remember the sensation that Marie Kondo created with her book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up?

This small, unassuming woman had a big idea that turned into a lifestyle brand.

But it wasn’t always so…

Kondo began her professional tidying career in Japan when she was 19 cleaning clutter at friend’s homes for extra change. 

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When she realized that her obsession could be a business she built her following so fast she had a 6 month waiting list. 

Obviously there was a big need for her services. 

She became a celebrity in Japan but was still an unknown in the US. 

You’d think it would be easy to translate her success to the US.

Even after The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up was published in the US a promotional tour wasn’t in the stars—as Kondo speaks little English. 

But here comes the midas media moment…

Positive Media Reviews

When New York Times book reviewer Penelope Green gushed about the book it gave Kondo the oomph she needed to rise to the #1 New York Times best-seller, moving 8 million copies. 

One publicity mention catapulted Kondo’s career.

Now Kondo’s four books collectively have sold over 11 million copies in 40 countries. 

Not speaking English didn’t stop the publicity pipeline though. 

And her books and methodology found lots of other expressions out in the world (as often happens when the publicity ball begins to roll). 

Kondo appeared on Rachael Ray

Mindy Kaling gently joked about her on The Mindy Project

The 2016 Gilmore Girls revival featured a bit where a grieving Emily Gilmore purged her house, per Kondo’s advice, of everything that failed to bring her joy. 

The secondhand clothing retailer Poshmark had a 60 percent rise in inventory in 2015, attributed to the popularity of the KonMari method.

A Netflix Premiere…And The Rest Is HERstory

Then Netflix premiered Kondo’s show in 2019 and her tidying methods continue to hold thrall in the spotlight. 

To this day Twitter is still filled with memes about which things do and don’t “spark joy.”

Websites blogs pump out articles about how to KonMari your house.

But organizing your home or office isn’t just about clearing out your clutter. 

It’s an evergreen topic that’s tied into productivity, harmony and well-being.  

It may seem that Marie Kondo is selling a method to tidy up. 

But if you look deeper you’ll discover that she’s selling a futuristic fantasy. 

A fantasy of a tidy, well-lived life filled with joy.

While we are all selling a business, book, product, service or cause think about what you’re truly selling – the experience that you’re offering that promises something that people want to feel, think or be. 

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