Publicity (Almost) Done For You: An Incredible New Service

SUMMARY: Discover a groundbreaking publicity service revolutionizing the PR industry. With over 100 national and international newsrooms, it connects experts with major media outlets for interviews and appearances. Through this service, you could become a go-to expert in your field without pitching or sending press releases. Sign up for access and start getting booked on TV, radio, and print, showcasing your expertise and boosting your credibility. Join now to promote yourself and your business.

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An Incredible New Service

There’s a new great publicity service that’s creating a kerfuffle in the PR industry for publicity done in a new and different way.

This new publicity platform makes it easy to get booked on major media, national news and top TV shows for experts in their field.

In short, it’s a publicity service where over 100 national and international newsrooms including ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox News, USA Today, Sky News, NewsNation and Scripps post requests for experts for breaking news and regular news stories for the 24/7 news cycle on a minute-by-minute basis.

***Using this publicity service you could quickly become their go-to expert in your field—without ever sending out a pitch letter or press release.***

You Get Publicity Easily 2 Ways.

1. You create a profile about your expertise and topics and the producers and journalists reach out to you  and book you for an interview or appearance.

2. You respond directly to the news source when they post a need—as an expert to comment on breaking news, ongoing stories, events etc.

The people getting great success are being booked as guests on TV, radio and print regularly around the clock showcasing their expertise, getting new clients, customers and sales, becoming thought leaders and getting known as the best person for the job—whenever the media needs them.

***Using this publicity service you could become their go-to expert in your field fast—without ever sending out a pitch letter or press release.***

The Skinny on Getting Publicity Often and Fast.

1. You can take a look FREE by entering your email here:

2. To access the publicity service start a month-to-month membership for $250/mo. (Cancel at any time).

3. Create and share your profile with newsrooms requesting experts on the TMX platform

4. Send unlimited messages to newsrooms for pitches, press releases, or any announcements.

5. Attain guaranteed access to the biggest newsrooms that use the TMX platform every day to download content, contacts, and request experts—who are seeking your input.

PR + Marketing Agency Alert For This New Publicity Platform.

There is a special option for you to access the publicity service for you and your team so you can get results for your clients WAY faster than traditional PR outreach. This means they’ll be more satisfied and delighted with your service!

You can get unlimited users and unlimited profiles and the ability to share videos with newsrooms to be used with video credit to your agency and data analytics of your profiles.  

Perfect for a PR firm that wants a “do it yourself” publicity option. 

Check it out here:

NOTE: If you’re interested but need to know more the founder has offered to set up a call. Just email me with your website URL, email address, phone number and topic of expertise and I’ll connect you.  

“I’ve gotten more, high-quality media requests through them (TMX) than I can even handle, and my business is doing better than ever. There are other businesses that claim to provide this service but they are all more expensive and not nearly as good. Can’t recommend enough!”

Janet Johnson
Criminal Defense Attorney


“My engagement with TMX has been a transformative experience. I not only acquired the benefits that I was promised, but I also gained a media presence and received comprehensive support throughout my journey. This is the type of earned media approach that truly justifies the investment!”

Hayden Hammerling
Bender PR

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