Susan on CNBC discussing The Oprah Effect

 Watch a clip of Susan on CNBC discussing
The Oprah Effect

In her book The Ultimate Guide to Getting Booked on Oprah. Susan outlines a step-by-step strategy to appearing on the show but she says there are no guarantees. And the reason why I wrote the ultimate guide to getting booked on Oprah was to really help Oprah’s people. As much as help the people who want to get on Oprah. So, both sides understand what it takes to be on the show. And to help Oprah’s producers get better people calling them with appropriate ideas. The first step is get to know Oprah you want to know her background her philosophy. And really understand what shapes her and what shapes her show TV. One of Susan’s areas of expertise is helping people present themselves on camera. And learn the very critical ability of speaking in soundbites. Media coach trains the ball to get on radio TV and in print.

So everything they do say in our is in complete alignment with what they oneself. It’s like taking worn peace and moving it into you know so that’s an art we’re not used to speaking. In that way we’re not used to speaking in sound bites. When I work with someone media training, we go through a range of interviews we start very slow. And get comfortable with just being easy saying your sound bites. And then we speed it up to the level that you would be on TV. So it gets very fast.


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Hi, I'm Susan

Hi, I'm Susan

I’m a media coach, martial artist + marketing strategist who helps you communicate your values, mission + message during media interviews to multiply your revenue while building your brand + business. I believe that you don’t need to brag, beg or whore yourself to get the publicity you want. Nor do you need to be an axe murderer, a shamed sports star, or be involved in a sex scandal. There is another way…

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