The Best Jewelry for Media Appearances

SUMMARY: For media appearances, choose jewelry that complements without stealing the spotlight. Avoid overly small pieces as they can be distracting, but also beware of oversized ones. Opt for statement pieces that enhance your confidence and comfort while allowing the focus to remain on your face and message delivery.

The Best Jewelry for Media Appearances

Do you think this is too big? It’s kind of big! It’s kind of huge! Yeah!

Hi everyone! Susan Harrow, media coach marketing strategist, author of Sell Yourself Without Selling Your Soul®, published by HarperCollins and CEO of Here today with your one minute media training about jewelry. I call this the best jewelry for your media appearance. Here’s the thing about jewelry: you don’t want it too small and minute because the little ones are actually more distracting than the big ones.

This is a little too big, it could be distracting. So the key thing is that you want your jewelry to compliment you, not to steal the show. So you don’t want people’s full attention just on your jewelry. What you want is the attention on your face so they’re really focusing in on the message that you want to give.

So that’s your choice. So something a little smaller than this, but something that’s a statement piece, that’s great, that you really love. That makes you feel comfortable is perfect.

Well time is up! I hope you enjoyed this. I’d love to see your jewelry. What you feel comfortable in and you can ask me if it works or not — so send a picture. And you can get more information on, free information and courses. Or book a free consult with me for 15 minutes. Look forward to meeting you. Talk to you soon.

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