Why You Need A Signature Story

What is Your Signature Story?

Hi everyone, Susan Harrow, media coach, marketing strategist, author of Sell Yourself Without Selling Your Soul, published by HarperCollins. And CEO prsecrets.com here today with your one minute media training tip. The one story that you absolutely must have before any media appearance is: Your Signature Story.

Why? Because the first question you’re most likely going to be asked is: Why do you do what you do? Why did you create that company? Why did you develop that product? Whatever it is, why do you do what you do? So your original story, and that’s a story that can just be yours, is created from either something out of your history. Like something that you’ve loved to do since childhood. An aha moment! Oh, my goodness, I just realized this! A thunderstruck moment. Maybe it’s a very dramatic thing that happened that changed the direction of your life. Those are a couple of examples. But it is why do you do what you do that we want to know.

So, I invite you to share with me your signature story, I’d love to hear it. And also to join me on prsecrets.com for a 15 minute free consult or to enjoy free goodies. Or to enjoy a course. I look forward to seeing you there. Bye bye.

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Hi, I'm Susan

Hi, I'm Susan

I’m a media coach, martial artist + marketing strategist who helps you communicate your values, mission + message during media interviews to multiply your revenue while building your brand + business. I believe that you don’t need to brag, beg or whore yourself to get the publicity you want. Nor do you need to be an axe murderer, a shamed sports star, or be involved in a sex scandal. There is another way…

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