3 Minor Media Appearance Mistakes Women Make

SUMMARY: In media appearances, women often make three minor mistakes: flipping their hair, excessive smiling and head movements. Instead, reduce dramatic movements, ensure your smiling matches the tone of your message and that you are using facial expressions and hand gestures effectively.

3 Minor Media Appearance Mistakes That Women Make

These 3 mistakes might seem minor but they drain your power and derail the perception that you are someone to be taken seriously. If you rid yourself of distractions it’s much easier to get things done and gain cooperation and trust. Are you interested in refining how you show up on camera, on Zoom, during networking or in meetings so you become the message you want to give?

Oh, Hi everyone. I’m Susan Harrow, media coach marketing strategist, CEO of prsecrets.com and author of Sell Yourself Without Selling Your Soul, published by HarperCollins, here today to talk about three minor media appearance mistakes women make that take away their power.

Number one: Hair flip.

Sometimes it’s not quite as dramatic as that, but just might be this going to see I’ve got hair that’s wild, and that doesn’t stay in place. So what you can do is you can just move it out of the way like that, like I just did, but no flipping like that.

Number two: They smile too much.

Smile, smile, smile, smile, smile. They smile whatever they’re saying, even if it’s not appropriate. So it’s great to smile. And we want to see you and be friendly. And make sure that you’re smiling appropriately, meaning that your material matches the mood, or whatever you’re saying. If you’re saying something super serious or sad, I’ve seen a lot of women smiling during sad is you don’t want to be smiling. When you’re talking about some things sad, you want to talk about something happy.

Number three: The head wiggle and the fidget.

So kind of a double thing. So you’re either wiggling or moving your head quite a lot. For the camera, particularly TV, but Zoom as well. You want to keep your head as still as possible, express with your face, you can express with your hands above the waist so we can actually see your hands.

Because if you’re going here, I guess this is another point, you can only see the fingertips, right? So we want to be able to express where people can see us. But the expression on your face is what we want to see versus lots of movements. So keeping your head as still as possible.

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