7 Steps To Becoming A Thought Leader

SUMMARY:Thought leaders excel in several key areas: Presence, where initial impressions matter; Sound Bites, crafting signature stories and key points; Opinions, shaping unique perspectives backed by facts; Originality, setting oneself apart with innovative packaging; and Controversy, fearlessly challenging the status quo for newsworthiness. Proficiency in delivering statistics and delving into research further strengthens expertise, opening doors to opportunities like book deals, speaking engagements, media appearances, and genuine connections, establishing one as a go-to expert in their field.

7 Steps to Becoming A Thought Leader

Hi, everyone! Susan Harrow media coach, marketing strategist, author of Sell Yourself Without Selling Soul®, published by HarperCollins and CEO prsecrets.com. Here today with your 1-minute media training. Who doesn’t want to be a thought leader? Everybody wants to be an expert, an authority, or a thought leader. But, you have to have a number of things to become a thought leader. What are they? I’m going to cover Seven Steps To Be A Thought Leader In Your Field, In Your Area Of Expertise.

Number 1: Your Presence.

Thought Leaders are in the moment and fully focused

Camus said, “We are the sum of all of our choices.” That’s what we see first is your presence. Who you are. And we sum you up in the blink of an eye. So your presence because some people are like so watchable. Right?

Number 2: Sound Bites.

Thought Leadership means have considered points, stories, statistics, facts, vignettes, aphorisms, analogies, acronyms

These are your signature stories, your key points. Now as a thought leader, you have thoughts on different topics and expertise about things that are going on in the culture today. So those stories are shaped according to whatever that topic is. Typically topical and cultural things that are going on politically, culturally and in all areas of business.

Number 3: Opinions.

Thought Leadership marketing means that you have a point of view that shows a different perspective or inspires investigation

You want to have opinions about things. Preferably strong opinions, but not just willy-nilly opinions. Opinions that are backed by facts and statistics and shaped by your own brilliant packaging. Which brings me to….

Number 4: Originality.

Thought Leaders set themselves apart by their unique positioning

This is about packaging, hot trends, innovative ideas, novel concepts so you are on the forefront of any curve. Right? So originality and you being positioned as thought leader is really just about this kind of packaging what you have and how you see a perspective differently than other people.

Number 5: Controversy.

Thought Leaders aren’t afraid of going against the status quo. In fact they relish it!

You need to be prepared to butt heads with people if your opinions or your thoughts differ from others. Which, it’s great to have controversy. That’s something that you want because that’s something that’s going to be extremely newsworthy.

Number 6: Statistics.

Thought Leaders have their information at the ready and are skilled at delivering it in a conversational way that lands with their audience

These are statistics, facts, case studies and you want to be able to present those with authority and ease.

Number 7: Research.

Thought Leaders delve into data that helps illuminate an issue

This is either your original data or your interpretation of other people’s data that supports whatever it is that you are the expert in promoting.

Now what does thought leadership get you?

It can get you a book deal. It can get you more speaking engagements. It can get you more media and also real connections. So it really elevates you to the next level so you’re the person that the media calls when they want a comment on something that’s going on in the culture today. So you become, a lot of my clients want to become regular commentators on the news. If that’s something that you aspire to.

If you aspire to become a thought leader take a quick look here.

I invite you to book a free consult to talk about how you can become a thought leader and also at prsecrets.com as I mentioned, I have a more comprehensive version of this it goes into more detail about the 7 steps on the blog. As well as other free goodies and courses that you can take. I look forward to meeting you, future thought leader.

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