Founders, Don’t Wing It – How to Pitch Investors Successfully


Founders shouldn’t wing it when pitching investors. Role-playing different scenarios and personalities is key in order to showcase oneself as a good representation of the company. This demonstrates that the founder is an excellent leader who can handle difficult situations and pressure. It is important to prepare for worst-case scenarios, including dealing with challenging personalities.

Founders – Don’t Wing it! How to Pitch Investors Successfully.

When you’re pitching investors don’t wing it! Why not? Because you can easily get tripped up by your personality trigger points. And also by challenging questions that perhaps you didn’t expect and you had not rehearsed.

Role-Play Different Scenarios + Personalities.

It’s key to role-play different scenarios, and all different types of scenarios from different kinds of personalities so that you are the kind of person and are representative of your company. So that the investors can see that you are going to be an excellent leader and that you’re the right person to lead this company to success. A lot of that is going to be determined in just a few seconds, with not only your presence but how you handle yourself in adversity in a difficult situation and under pressure.

Role-Play Worst-Case Scenarios.

So it’s super important to role-play a great variety of those kind of scenarios, so you’ll be completely prepared. And of course, we want to play your worst-case scenarios, like the worst possible thing that can happen and the hardest kind of personality that you find difficult. One of the CEOs that I coached had one personality of a man that just got under his skin each time. He said, “I don’t know why he this guy gets under my skin. But no matter how hard I try, he does.” So I played that man over and over again and really grilled him until he could just relax and say: “You know what? I can handle this, and he’s not going to get under my skin. And I can answer all of these questions easily and naturally.”

And he got his next round of investment capital!

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