How to create a book that seduces your readers and generates leads, in 5 simple steps

How to create a book that seduces your readers and generates leads, in 5 simple steps – Interview by Ronnie Nijmeh – The Coachzing Show Podcast

By Guest Blogger  Ronnie Nijmeh

The Great Gatsby

Whether you want to add credibility to your name by becoming a “published author” or you want to attract targeted leads into your website, having your own book is an invaluable tool for growing your business fast.

In fact, it’s such a powerful technique, I recently wrote a blog post about how publishing your own book can get you more clients and sales in your business.

However, today, I’d like to share a new strategy for creating a short book that not only makes the process easier and faster than ever…

… but will also drastically capture people’s attention, interest and desire for your products and services, like nothing else I’ve seen before.

The good news is, with this strategy, your book doesn’t have to be a 300 page novel. In fact, if you follow the formula below, not only will you create a “gushing” desire for your products, but you’ll also do it in less than 10 pages.

Here it is, in 5 simple steps:

  1. Present a problem. Tell people about the problem they’re having and why it needs to be solved sooner rather than later. This prequalifies your readers so you know this book is for them.
  2. Explain why other solutions don’t work. Don’t mention competitor’s names, but outline different possible solutions your reader might want to try, and why those solutions might not be the best option for them.
  3. Offer a better solution. Give the reader some short, practical steps they can take to solve their problem themselves. Make sure you also let them know there is an even easier solution coming up, if they keep reading.
  4. Conclude your overall message. Recap the problem, the possible solutions, and the fact that your reader now has a way to solve the problem themselves, albeit the hard way.
  5. Offer an even better solution. This is where you show the reader there’s an even faster/easier/more effective way to solve their problem, through buying your product or hiring you. Make sure you explain what makes your product or service unique and how the reader can benefit from hiring you. Include a website link, or a number they can call.

That’s it.

Yes, it really is that simple and as you can see, it’s very similar to a traditional sales pitch.

The difference is, when you offer tips (step 3) and then package this up as a book, it doesn’t feel like a sales pitch to your readers, but still has the same sales inducing effect.

But there’s one caveat…

Nobody is going to pick up your book, or ever trust a word you’re saying, if it doesn’t look the part.

Design matters, more than ever.

For example, did you know that, according to a recent university study, 79% of people said they actually judge a book by the cover?

And it’s not just the book cover that matters.

What happens when you buy a book that has terrible inner page design? Well, it’s like walking into a beautiful looking restaurant, to find dirty tables and under-cooked food.

Which means, without the right design tricks, you could be wasting your time creating a book.

And don’t just take it from me.

Jamie Cawley increased her book sales by 44% with simple design tweaks.

So if you want your book to generate leads and sales with the above formula, don’t fall at the last hurdle and lose reader’s trust, with a bad design.

Register for the Book Sales Booster webinar today, and you’ll know exactly how Jamie boosted her book sales with simple design tweaks that anyone can do.

And to really make sure your next book succeeds, you’ll also discover how to launch (or re-launch) your book to create a flood of targeted traffic, for free, in days.

It’s all based on what’s working in the real world, for some of the biggest selling authors around.

The bottom line?

When you use the 5 step formula above to create your next book, you can generate a serious amount of exposure for your business… and presell your products and services at the same time.

But if your book looks like junk, then you’ll quickly lose trust and people won’t bother to read through it. And if your content doesn’t get read, you don’t get leads, period.

Register for the webinar to learn how to create a beautiful book inside and out that gets you clients, customers, leads and reads:

This webinar is being presented by Ronnie Nijmeh, who runs two successful publishing companies and has been enjoying a six figure income online since 1999.

Ronnie has even been featured on national TV and Radio in the US and Canada as a result of publishing quality content, and now he’s going to show you how it’s done, the right way.

So, if you’d like to know exactly how to format and design your books for maximum readability and “Jump off the shelf” attention, then make sure you register for this webinar here.

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