Is There GREEN Stuff In Your Teeth?

SUMMARY: Potential clients and media outlets may be deterred by visible hygiene issues like green stuff in teeth or poor grooming of stray hairs in the wrong places. Maintaining alignment between your message and presentation is crucial for media success. Addressing personal grooming details may be uncomfortable but is necessary for professional image upkeep. Gandhi’s quote, “My life is my message,” emphasizes the importance of consistency across all aspects of presentation, including online presence and personal hygiene. Taking care of these details ensures optimal results when engaging with the media.

Is There Green Stuff In Your Teeth?

Hmm. Do you have green stuff in your teeth?

Well, if you do the media is not going to be booking you and clients. And customers are not going to be buying from you. Why do I bring this up? Well, I was approached by a potential client and I loved what she was about. She had this great program for kids. I was super excited about it. I clicked on her bio. I went to her photo. She was smiling a great big smile with free stuff in her teeth, with hairs on her chinny, chin, chin. Well, guess what? The publicity firm that I work with is not going to be able to book her with the media when she looks like that.

We would not approach the media until we had that dealt with. And who has to deal with that? Me! The media trainer has to tell her about the green stuff in her teeth and the hairs on her chin. Because everything that you do, say, are, and think, from your words to your website need to be in complete alignment with your offer before you reach out to the media. And before you even put that up on your website.

She’s a lovely person. I’m going to have to speak to her about this very personal issue. It really extends to not just green stuff in your teeth but every single item that is on your any of your social media channels, including your LinkedIn. And anywhere on your website and it also is translated through how you run your company, how you run yourself. That all that needs to be completely congruous down to how you take care of your teeth.

We look at every single detail before we reach out to the media to make sure that all of those things are in alignment so you have the kind of results that you want. I love the statement by Gandhi: “My life is my message.” That extends to everything including the photo on your bio. I hope this has been helpful. I’m Susan Harrow, media coach, marketing strategist, author of Sell Yourself Without Selling Your Soul ®, published by HarperCollins and CEO of Now, I’m going to smile and with no green stuff.

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