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SUMMARY: Many clients fear media appearances and avoid practice, but it’s essential to rehearse by speaking spontaneously from the heart. One client struggled with scripted content for a TV commercial, so we opted for storytelling on her phone, leading to natural and engaging results. Practice storytelling on your phone to become comfortable on camera and prepared for any media interview.

Practice On Video For Your Media Appearance

Rehearse! Don’t rehearse. Oh my God, I can’t do a video! I can’t get up on video. I can’t do a media interview. I’m too scared. I don’t know, I’m so scared. I’m not going to practice!

I hear that a lot from my clients. They’re so terrified that they actually don’t want to practice and don’t want any kind of media training. So pop up on your iPhone, just start talking, speak from the heart, and speak spontaneously.

I had a client who was up for a TV commercial and possibly a reality TV show and we didn’t have any content for her because somebody else had written her script. And she really couldn’t do it. It just wasn’t working and they couldn’t use it.

Practice Storytelling on Your Phone For Media Inverviews or Videos

I said, let’s not write a script. Let’s just work out a quick little story and then pop up on your iPhone, in your kitchen and tell that story. Tell a whole bunch of different versions of it and let’s just take a look at those. That’s exactly what she did and the story came out beautifully, she came out beautifully. She was so natural and so engaging. It was the perfect thing for her.

I want to recommend that you do the same thing. Just start getting up on your iPhone, practicing. That way you’ll be ready for your media interview whenever it happens. You’ll already feel super comfortable on camera.

I’m Susan Harrow, media coach, marketing strategist, author of Sell Yourself Without Selling Your Soul®, published by HarperCollins. And by the way, I cut out about 300 pages from that manuscript because I just wrote free-flow. The editing comes later. You can always edit. Just get up and do it. I can’t wait to see your videos.

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