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SUMMARY: The anecdote illustrates the value of making mistakes to gain experience and make right decisions. In media training, experimenting with various responses allows for growth and innovation. By embracing wrong decisions during practice, individuals can refine their approach and uncover unexpected insights. This approach encourages relaxation and creativity, fostering the development of effective communication strategies for CEOs and executives.

Make Wrong Decisions

Hi, there’s a story of a journalist talking to a very well-known bank president.

He said: “What is the secret of your success?”

The bank president said: “Right decisions.”

The reporter asked: “How do you come to those right decisions?”

He said: “Experience.”

The reporter said: “How do you get to that experience?”

And he said: “Wrong decisions.”

How are we to understand this? There’s a lot of talk about making mistakes and the value of making mistakes. A lot of people are afraid to make those mistakes particularly at the CEO or executive level because they want to see and be in their authority at all times. One of the things that we do during media training and see how many mistakes that we can make. We play with different answers because things arise wonderfully out of those mistakes.

Relaxation Can Turn Into Media Magic

It’s often when a person is not consciously thinking but actually drops down into relaxation that they can play with different scenarios and saying different things that then often times turn out to be really brilliant. But the thing is to experiment and play because it’s through those wrong decisions or through those mistakes that we travel to the right ones.

Often times when I’m brainstorming with people I say, “We can just say anything,” because sometimes what we say maybe totally not the right thing. But it opens up the pathway and leads us to the right thing. It might just be that spark, that opening that creates it. So, let’s see if we can make as many wrong decisions and get that kind of experience to be able to come to those right decisions that are at a much higher level than you might have imagined. Or that open up a whole new world that you may not have explored.

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