Prepare For Your Media Interviews Like JLo

SUMMARY: Jennifer Lopez approached her Wall Street Journal interview prepared like a lawyer with her talking points stacked in front of her, ensuring she didn’t miss anything. This method, akin to a legal strategy, proved effective. For video interviews, having notes on hand is acceptable, whether on the screen, in your lap, or in note cards, but for TV appearances, referencing notes should be subtle and sparing, especially for statistics or crucial points.

Prepare for your Media interview Like Jennifer Lopez

Hi everyone, Susan Harrow, media coach, marketing strategist, author of Sell Yourself Without Selling Your Soul®, published by HarperCollins and CEO of Here today with your one minute media training. Today’s topic is prep your media interviews like JLo/Jennifer Lopez.

What Did Jennifer Lopez Do?

She was being interviewed by the Wall Street Journal. The reporter was in his kitchen, on video like we are. She was in her kitchen, in LA, with the palm trees flowing. Once they had gotten situated, so they had all the right angles. He looked and he saw a stack of papers there and he said, “It was like a lawyer who doesn’t want to forget her talking points during a hearing.” Yes!

Do you want to have your stack of papers? Yes! You can either look over here at the computer like I just did. You can have your talking points up on the webcam so you can easily refer to them or have them down in your lap. All of that is fine for a video call.

How to Reference Your Notes For a TV Interview

If we are doing a TV show? No! You can occasionally look down at your notes if it’s something like statistics that are super topical/timely, that’s okay. But typically, if you’re going to be making points, if it’s on TV, in person, you can have your notes under your bum. And you can pull them out and you can have them in little note cards if it’s something, as I said, like statistics. That’s really acceptable. And if you have to have them for other points, that’s occasionally acceptable as well.

So thank you for being here with me. And if you would like more, I invite you to visit where I have lots of free goodies and courses. And you are welcome to schedule a discovery call with me for free. I look forward to it. Bye!

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