Publicity Can Make Your Big Dream Possible

SUMMARY: “Unlock the power of publicity to realize your dreams, inspired by Chef Daniel Humm’s journey. Despite initial discouragement, Humm pursued his vision, achieving culinary greatness and humanitarian impact. He is an excellent example of how to defy limits and embrace the unknown capacity within. With support and media training, you’ll discover how to expand your vision to include the media for business success. Your big dream is entirely possible—don’t let anyone or any negative past experience limit your potential.”

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Publicity Can Make Your Big Dream Possible

When he was 10 years old, Daniel Humm, the chef and the owner of Eleven Madison Park Restaurant, at one time dubbed the best restaurant in the entire world, was in an art class. The teacher had given him a piece of paper and the assignment to draw a house.

He envisioned a gigantic house and he said to the teacher, “This piece of paper is not big enough for the house that I want to draw.” The teacher said, “Why can’t you just be like everyone else? You are not going to get on a bigger piece of paper. You draw with the piece of paper that you have!” Daniel started to draw and he drew all over the table, the big house that he envisioned. The teacher was so angry that she sent him out of the room and to a therapist.

Chef Daniel Humm’s Inspiration

The therapist asked him, “What happened?” And he explained what went on and she said, “Don’t ever let anyone tell you that they don’t have enough piece of paper for your dreams.” Daniel Humm went on to not only have the restaurant that was dubbed the best in the world. But when COVID hit he made over a million meals for people who were food insecure. Then he just converted his restaurant, this high-end restaurant to vegan. He said, “From that moment, I thought I always knew something bigger, something more, you could always reach higher than what people think or what people expect. And in a way that has given me fuel to my, to my inspiration and my energy.”

The Unknown Capacity in You

I recall when I was a tennis teaching tennis pro, a woman, the owner of a very well-known winery, who was probably a C tennis player, had very low skills. But she had the desire to be better and she asked: “Do you think that I could ever be a good tennis player?” I said: “Of course!” Because you never know what the capacity of a person is and just having the desire, having the imagination, having the thought that she could be a better tennis player and really wanting to do that, and being willing to practice toward that vision is enough. I am responsible for holding that vision of her and moving her toward it. Even when she doesn’t believe in herself.

I Hold the Vision of What You Want to Become

When people come to me or my clients come to me with the vision of doing publicity, sometimes they have a small vision of what they can do with reaching thousands or millions of people. We sometimes expand that vision beyond what they even imagined because sometimes it’s really hard to see yourself moving forward. And you want the support and to grow the capacity that is already in you. So through media training and getting your message and your mission out there with publicity is a way to fulfill that big dream that you may just have a seed of right now, but that is entirely possible for you.

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