Make your Media Interview Count – Don’t Miff It!

Make your Media Interview Count – Don’t Miff It!

Will You Muff it When the Media Calls?

Not if you’ve intentionally and thoughtfully planned, prepared and practiced the stories, statistics, facts, vignettes, anecdotes, analogies, acronyms about your business and brand to artfully integrate into the conversation.

But many, who haven’t done the work, find themselves searching for strands of something intelligent to say, ramble or say things they wish to God they hadn’t.

If only there was an erase button for the words that flew out of your mouth!

If you don’t have your sound bites planned—and give the reporter, producer or host what they’re looking for, chances are you’ve lost your chance.

Lost your chance to give your audience a taste of how wonderful you, your business, book, product, service or cause really are. And there is no lack of competition to fill in the gap that you left.

A while back a client who just taped the Food Networks’ extreme challenge TV show, thanked me profusely for helping her shape her pre- and post-interviews and how to respond to difficult situations during the competition. She told me afterward she had no idea how hard it would be and how much they would pressure her into saying something derogatory, evil or bad.

She said that I helped her feel confident that she would only say things that she wanted her audience to know. Just as important to her was to not say anything she didn’t want her two boys to hear. That was one of her own moral benchmarks.

Do you know yours?

Beyond that, she hadn’t realized that she needed to seamlessly weave in stories about teaching courses, which is her most profitable area of business, into her sound bite patter, for every single media interview she does.

Reaching your audience isn’t just about being lively and entertaining, it’s about knowing how to deliciously entice them into wanting more of you and what you have.

Now most of us aren’t ever going to be on an extreme reality TV show, but sometimes it can feel that way. No matter what the circumstance you want to be ready to say ONLY what you want your audience to know in order to enlighten, entertain, and engage them so that they like, respect, believe in, and buy from you, or buy into your ideas.

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